Term & Condition

Terms of Service

All Sales Are Final. There are no refunds or exchanges. Once you pay for this service you are entering into this contract which is binding. These terms are subject to change at anytime. We are not held responsible to any damages that may or may not arise from our services. We are not held responsible for any website errors or typos.

Extra Phone Charges

If your campaign generates over 100 calls or over 1,000 minutes of usage for the year then we will have to charge you extra for those additional minutes. The reason for this is because we are paying for each of the calls that are generated from the vanity phone number(s) that you lease from us for that year. Extra minutes will be billed at $0.03 per minute for another 1,000 minutes which will cost you an additional $30. This is the only extra charge that you will incur.

Affiliate Terms

As an affiliate marketer of We Find You Customers you agree not to generate any fraudulent sale transactions. You agree NOT TO SPAM or break any spam laws. If you break any laws that can jeprodize our company, we will terminate you as an affiliate. If your damages cause any lawsuits, we will forward that lawsuit to you. You will not get paid for any sales that got charged back because that money left our company's bank account. In other words you will get paid on sales generated and are cleared without any financial issues tied to them.

You will be paid weekly via paypal. Payments will be issued the following week for sales generated. We will always hold one week as a deposit before it's paid out.