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We Find You Customers offers telemarketing campaign for companies that are serious about bringing in a lot of new customers. This special package is designed to offset your high over head cost to jump start your sales while minimizing your risk. With this service your cost is predictable because you will be given your overall cost before you begin a campaign.


With our telemarketing based marketing services we require a non-disclosure and a contract to be signed which basically states that once we do our job you the client will pay us for it. We also require a DEPOSIT on all telemarketing services. The minimum fee to start a campaign is $500 which is non-refundable. This fee goes towards training agents on your product or service, basic leads (if you don't have any to provide) to start the campaign, phone charges, and a telemarketing dialer.


In order to sign up with us for this service you need to commit to a minimum of 2 agents for a minimum time frame of 2 weeks which will roughly cost you $1,920 plus the $500 setup fee. This service is designed to help small to medium sized businesses.


We can also offer you a promotional cruise for 2 to the bahamas if you sign up. We will also show you how you can use the very same cruise to boost your sales. To learn more about the cruise "CLICK HERE."



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What are we offering?

We are offering a telemarketing service. Our agents will call prospective clients on your behalf to try and get them to sign up for your service.


How does it work?

We own and operate many internet properties online.  We find local clients that can use the extra business and send all the calls to these customers.  As long as you pay us per call based on our agreement, we send you the calls and we give you a way to track all the calls.  We pay the telephone and marketing charges.


What's the cost of each agent?

Prices start at $12 per hour per agent.


Are there any Contracts?

YES Contracts and it must be signed before we can start your project. It basically states that you must pay us for the services rendered for a minimum time duration. This time duration of the contract is decided by both parties.


Is there a way to track the calls?  Yes.

We give the client access to our system so that they can track each call for their campaign. This is available upon request. 


What is the upfront cost? Minimum $500 

The minimum upfront cost to get your campaign started is $500.

What makes us different?

We are marketing for the clients to get your phones to ring and all the calls ring on your phone vs. the calls ringing on 10 of your competitors phone for the same job.  It's in our best interest that our customers succeed, because if we don't get your phones to ring, you don't stick around as a client.


When do you have to pay the bill?

You pay us weekly for our marketing service. Invoices are issued every Friday and due the following Monday. You have to pay a week in advance for this service.

The campaign setup fee is non-refundable. It costs us time, money and other resources to setup your campaign. You are also required to pay a minimum of one week in advance per telemarketing agent that you want us to provide for your company. You can hire a minimum of two telemarketing agents at a rate of $12 per hour.