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Need More Customers?

Get customer referrals for your business for just $1 per day. That is a total of $360 for the entire year just for customer referrals. There are "NO CONTRACTS" & "NO HIDDEN FEES."

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How Does It Work?

Our proprietary system is designed to get you customers gradually over a period of time. The service lasts for "one year" and during that time you will receive customer referrals from us. Our job is to get you referrals and your job is to sign them up as clients. In other words, our job is to get your phones to ring and your job is to answer the phone when we send you the referrals and tell them about what you have to offer.

Our proprietary system harnesses the power of the internet along with other forms of marketing that is designed to get your phones to ring.
Along with getting you customer referrals, we give you a way to track the customers we refer to you.

We put different forms of advertisements out there about your company using our vanity numbers which when called redirects all the calls to you immediately.



We put up a video commercial online for your company.

We put a phone number on the video so that people can see it and call you.

We get the video to rank in the search engines.

Customers find the video commercial online and call your company.
Design Website


We rank your website in the search engines for different keywords if you already have one.

If you don't have a website, we provide a simple website for them to use for the year. An additional fee may be required for a basic website from us. This option will be available after you sign up.
Phone Tracking


We provide a tracking number and a way you to track each calls that come in from the marketing campaigns.

When they call the vanity phone number it immediately redirects the call to your office where you can immediately talk with the potential client.

We pay all the phone charges for the calls that you receive on our vanity number that we lease to you. If you receive a lot of calls you may be required to pay an additional fee.