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Need More Customers?

Get customer referrals for your business for just $1 per day. That is a total of $360 for the entire year just for customer referrals. There are "NO CONTRACTS" & "NO HIDDEN FEES."

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How Does It Work?

Our proprietary system is designed to get you customers gradually over a period of time. The service lasts for "one year" and during that time you will receive customer referrals from us. Our job is to get you referrals and your job is to sign them up as clients. In other words, our job is to get your phones to ring and your job is to answer the phone when we send you the referrals and tell them about what you have to offer.

Our proprietary system harnesses the power of the internet along with other forms of marketing that is designed to get your phones to ring.
Along with getting you customer referrals, we give you a way to track the customers we refer to you.

We put different forms of advertisements out there about your company using our vanity numbers which when called redirects all the calls to you immediately.



We provide a tracking number and a way you to track each calls that come in from the marketing campaigns.

When they call the vanity phone number it immediately redirects the call to your office where you can immediately talk with the potential client.

We pay all the phone charges for the calls that you receive on our vanity number that we lease to you. If you receive a lot of calls you may be required to pay an additional fee.
Design Website

WEBSITE (Cost $1 More Per Day)

We rank your website in the search engines for different keywords if you already have one.

If you don't have a website, we provide a simple website for them to use for the year. An additional fee may be required for a basic website from us. This option will be available after you sign up.
Phone Tracking

VIDEO (Cost $1 More Per Day)

We put up a video commercial online for your company.

We put a phone number on the video so that people can see it and call you.

We get the video to rank in the search engines.

Customers find the video commercial online and call your company.





What Is The Cost?

Option 1: The cost is $1 per day, a total of $360 for the entire year + a $39 setup fee for the service. That will cost you a total of $399.

Option 2: You can pay per month. This will cost you a $199 setup fee and $39 per month there after.
Option 3: You can pay us per call that we refer to your business. Rates start at $15 - $40 per customer call referral and is based on your industry. More Info Click Here


Do you need a website?

No we can provide one to you if you don't have one.

How do I track the performance?

We provide you access to our system and a tracking number. Each time someone calls you from our marketing campaigns you will know.

How long does it take to see results?

You can see results in as little as 7 days.

Do I need a company phone number?

You can use any number you want. All we are doing is redirecting all the calls we generate to whichever number you give us.

Are there any other fees?

No. There are no other fees. You can sign up for the flat rate service for the year or the pay per call service where we only charge you for the performance that we delivered.
Please read our terms which is found in our terms section.

What happens after I pay?

Your marketing campaign will be setup within 24-72 business hours.  After the setup is complete you will get an email with all the instructions.


Assisted Living
Auto Body Repair
Auto Detailing
Auto Repair
Auto Used Car Dealers
Auto Insurance
Bankruptcy Attorney
Carpet Cleaners
Commercial Brokers
Cosmetic Surgeon
Credit Repair Companies
Day Spa
Debt Counseling
Electrical Contrator
Energy Savings Companies
Event Planner
Financial Planner

Garage Door Companies
Gold Buyers
Funeral Home
Heating Contractors
Home Improvement
Home Health Care Provider
Home Insurance
HVAC Companies
Insurance Agents
Laser Eye
Life Insurance
Martial Arts Schools
Mold Removal Companies
Senior Day Care Centers
Solar Companies
Tree Specialist
Tutoring Centers

Waterproofing Experts
Window Replacement Companies
Painting Contractors
Paving Contractors
Personal Trainer
Personal Coach
Pest Control
Pet Grooming
Pet Sitting
Pet Training
Pool Care
Professional Electrician
Professional Plumber
Retirement Community
Roofing Contractors
Security Specialists