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We Find You Customers offers Business Booster like promotional cruises that are designed to drive more revenue to your business. -

If you want to genereate more sales for this month or over the holiday season, we have the perfect solution to offer.

You can purchase from us at a discount, PROMOTIONAL CRUISES to the Bahamas. Right now you can purchase a 2 Night Cruise to the Bahamas for as little as $20 (based on volume).

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The cruise certificates are worth up to $400 each because they are good for two people to travel to the Bahamas.


To verify what they are worth you can visit the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line website and call them up (the number is on their website) and see what they sell their regular tickets for. These cruise certificates are for the cheapest cabin.


These cruise certificates work because we have already traveled on them and tested them. We have been giving them to clients for a couple years now. The only thing is that when you try to redeem them the cruise company might offer you an upgrade and all you have to do is tell them you just want what's included in the complimentary ticket. Some people do upgrade to the larger cabins but "you don't have to take the upgrade."


To redeem these certificates each person have to pay their port taxes and fees which is about $66.43 per person. If you purchased the cruise direct from the company you have to pay up to $400 for a couple (depending on the time of travel) + $66.43 per person for the port taxes and fees.


Sometimes Groupon have the same offer for $269 (which is equivalent to 1 of our cruise certificate) and you still have to pay your departure fees and port taxes of $66.43 per person.


You could get them from us at wholesale or go somewhere else and pay retail. The choice is yours.



How it works?

When a customer places an order from you, you simply give them the cruise free as a bonus. You can also use it to reward your best clients.


How does it benefit you and your business?


Free Advertisement (Advertisement That You Don't Pay For) - the customers who receive the complimentary cruise will tell other people which will bring you more business.


Customer Retention - you have a better chance of retaining that customer as a long term client which means recurring orders.


Increase Revenue - with more customers coming to you, and with more customers buying, this will lead to an increase in your company sales revenue.


Increase Referrals - when people refer you business you can reward them by giving them a cruise to the Bahamas. It also works out cheaper in most cases seeing that a typical referral fee is normally around 10%. That percentage could cost you hundreds of $$$ and it works out cheaper for you just to use the cruise certificates.


Motivate Employees - when you have hard working employees sometimes you just need to recognize their talents by saying "Thank You." What better way to do this by sending them on a cruise to the Bahamas..

1 Order $79 $79

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2 Orders $50 Each $100

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5 Orders $40 Each $200

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10 Orders $35 Each $350

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20 Orders $30 Each $600

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40 Orders $25 Each $900

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80 Orders $20 Each $1,600

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These are for businesses that are existing or for individuals that plan to start a business. These cruise certificates are not for consumers. These cruise certificates are meant for businesses to give away to consumers. Any consumer that want to order the cruise for personal use, contact the cruise line directly.


THIS PRODUCT IS NON REFUNDABLE because they each have a special code on the inside of the certificates.

Once the code is used then the certificate becomse useless.


Large orders 80 and over may require that you mail in a check to our company. After we receive your check, we will deposit it in the bank, once your payment is cleared, we will mail out your order. Further instructions are given during the checkout process.










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Consumers need to contact the cruise line directly if they would like to purchase these cruise certificates. If you are not purchasing these cruise certificates for the purpose of business, we cannot offer them to you as a consumer.



You must own a business, be apart of a business, plan to start a business, or had a business before you can purchase these cruise certificates. If you work for a company (any company) you qualify to receive this offer.