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How much will you get paid? $39 per sale.

How often will you get paid? Weekly.

How will you get paid? Paypal.

Can you track commissions? Yes.

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Are you looking for a perfect "Work From Home" job that pays weekly? Our affiliate program pays you weekly based on the sales you bring to us. You can market our links on any website and once someone clicks on the link, pays for the service, you will get paid a $36 referral commission fee.

How to market?



Call up small businesses and tell them about our service. Don't have leads? We will give you the leads for free or show you where you can find free hot prospects. We will also provide you telemarketing scripts. You can call these prospects using Skype or a dialer.


You can send links to your friends on facebook. You can also contact companies on facebook and just send them your link.


Contact professionals on Linkedin and ask them if they need help finding more customers? Most will tell you yes. Just send them your link and whoever buys via your link, you will get paid.


Post tweets on Twitter about our services and find companies that need help. You must post your affiliate link so that they can click on it.

Send Emails

You can send emails to businesses that might need our services. Be sure not to spam and follow all spam laws. Most importantly you "must" give someone the option to be removed from your list(s).
Once you become a performance affiliate we will provide you free tools that will help you earn even more money.


A chargeback is not a real sale. It was a sale that was made via a credit card and the customer or that card declined to pay out on that sale for whatever reasons. Those are taken away from our bank accounts so for those types of sales, you will not get paid because the credit was taken away.