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Need More Customers?

Get customer referrals for your business for just $1 per day. That is a total of $360 for the entire year just for customer referrals. There are "NO CONTRACTS" & "NO HIDDEN FEES."

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About Us

Who are we?

We Find You Customers is a marketing firm which is designed for one purpose only and that purpose is to help small businesses find customers for a very affordable rate. Unlike other marketing firms we understand how the economy is right now and know that businesses are still in a financial crunch. Having this in mind, we formed our business model around helping small businesses that are on a small marketing budget.

Why should you chose us?

Our goals for you are very simple and to the point. We want to help get you as many client referrals as we possibly can for just $1 per day, which is just $360 for the entire year. We also give you a way to track the referrals we send to you. Other companies will charge you thousands of dollars for the same service which we provide to you at a very low rate of just a dollar a day.

Virtual Sales Staff

Signing up with us is like having a virtual sales staff that will refer potential clients to your company for a very low overhead. You don't have to worry about 1099s, W2s, Workmans comp, Insurance, etc. We don't need to come to your office and utilize your resources which cost you unnecessary expenses. Hiring us is like acquiring a partner that have your best interest in mind. We team up with small businesses like yours that cannot afford to market their business with the bigger marketing firms that charge thousands of dollars. In the end you get what you want for a very affordable rate.